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About Us
Pickleball Essentials was created on 1st June 2015 inspired by a local couple who had played this fun game in America and their wish to support the Rotorua Badminton Hall by introducing Pickleball as a new club to Rotorua and around New Zealand.  Pickleball Rotorua Steering Committee was formed and the Rotorua Club started in August 2015 operating out of the Rotorua Badminton Hall and attracting good numbers on players.
We see Pickleball as having huge potential in New Zealand and by providing affordable, good quality pickleball equipment and excellent service we will be helping to grow the sport in New Zealand. 
We are already experiencing steady growth in sales and we are adding more products and resources to our range all the time.  
If you are looking at wanting to set up a Pickleball Club give us a call as we welcome the opportunity to help.
We are committed to honesty, superior customer service, innovation and being the best Pickleball equipment provider in New Zealand.
Our Golden Rule is
 "Serve our customers the way we want to be served ourselves". 
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