Pickleball Ball Review
One of the great things about pickleball is that you really don’t need a lot of equipment to get started. Once you have a pickleball paddle and a decent pair of shoes, you really just need a few pickleball balls to start playing.

Keep reading below for full reviews of all the top selling pickleball ball brands on the market and a more detailed explanation of why we picked the Onix Pure 2 Ball as the best outdoor pickleball ball and Jugs Indoor Pickleballs as the best indoor pickleball ball.

If you are a serious player looking to compete in tournaments, you also want to at least practice sometimes with the Dura Fast 40 outdoor ball since its the most common ball used in tourneys. Scroll down to find out more about Dura balls and why they take some time to get used to.
Pickleball balls are made of durable plastic, however contrary to what many beginner players assume, the balls do wear out and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Actually one of the most common complaints we hear from our readers is how easily pickleball balls crack and the amount of money that players are spending to constantly replace them.

Depending on how often you play, pickleballs may need to be replaced frequently. Outdoor balls also tend to degrade quicker (compared to indoor balls) due to UV exposure from the sun and rougher court surface.
  1. Onix Fuse Indoor
    Approved by the USAPA Released onto the market in February 2018 The biggest difference is the Fuse's slightly lower bounce which allows them to be used in sanctioned tournaments. They retain a soft touch and smooth, true flight thanks to their precision-drilled holes. Seam welding improves durability and helps keep the balls in play as long as possible. The Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleballs come in highly visible yellow so that they can always be seen regardless of court type. The holes are larger than their outdoor counterparts and create a reasonable pace of play. These are made via an injection-mold process like the Pure 2s and Jugs that ensures an even and consistent feel. The Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleballs will help you prepare for tournaments without compromising your enjoyment of the game.
  2. Onix Fuse G2 Outdoor
    The Onix Fuse G2 Outdoor Pickleball is now three times as durable as the original Fuse. This ball strikes a balance between a pleasant, softer feel with just enough hardiness to meet USAPA guidelines so that they can be used in official tournament play. They respond consistently and are made with superior seam welding so they resist splitting and can be used over the course of many games. The Onix Fuse G2 Outdoor Pickleball has small precision-drilled holes that create true flight and minimize wind interference so you can concentrate on your game rather than adjusting to an unreliable ball. They come in a yellow color that makes them visible against nearly any surface. These pickleballs have excellent balance and weight, which contributes to an all-around exceptional response and bounce during play. The Onix Fuse G2 Outdoor Pickleball features a gentle touch that many players love while being adaptable enough for use across multiple courts and conditions.
  3. Indoor Jug
    From what I last heard and read, “Jugs” are probably still the top-selling indoor ball on the market and our top pick for indoor balls. They are made of soft plastic which responds well on indoor rubber, tile or other hard surfaces. The soft material also has a little more texture which gives these balls a little extra bite which is an advantage when playing on smooth, polished indoor courts. Jugs weigh in at just over 8/10 ounce (0.81 oz) making them the lightest regulation balls available on the market. Jugs balls are also known for their explosive “pop” with a bounce height of 37″ (from standard drop test done from 75″). Players who like fast action and high bouncing balls love to play with the Jug. The one complaint I hear is when they play with other indoor balls, they are so used to the bounce that other brands seem “dead” or slow to them.
  4. Dura Fast 40 Outdoor
    Manufactured using injection molding and the holes are only drilled after the plastic has cooled. This one-piece uni-body design makes these more durable and lasting ball. We should mention that many players complain that these balls crack often and do not last. This is an ongoing debate on the courts (and online forums). Overall, cracking is a problem with all brands, not just Dura. However, even if they do break often, most competitive players we’ve asked prefer them because of the way the ball plays, its responsive feel and ideal bounce height. Dura is also the official ball used at many pro tournaments so players that compete really need to be familiar with this ball and the way it plays.
  5. Dura Big Hole Indoor
    Dura Big Hole Indoor Pickleballs are identical to customer-favorite Dura Outdoor balls, except the size of the holes are larger making the ball a little lighter than the outdoor version. These indoor balls are made with the same smooth, hard plastic as their outdoor counterparts. They are seamless, and were created with a one-piece construction mold. Once the balls are cooled, the holes are drilled out. The Dura Big Hole Indoor ball has a 2.9375” diameter and weighs in at 0.92 ounces. These balls have a good average bounce height of 31”. This ball is great for players who enjoy playing with the hard-plastic outdoor balls but want a ball that is a little lighter.
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